The group is committed in ensuring that the cargo of its customers reaches all destinations safely without any setbacks. Similarly, the health and safety of all its employees is of paramount importance. In this regard, extensive occupational Health and Safety procedures have been implemented, and all Health and Safety regulations are strictly adhered to.

A strict Alcohol and Drug Policy is in place and random checks are implemented throughout all departments. A policy of “ZERO TOLERENCE” is enforced.

All the drivers have undergone adequate training and have Hazchem certification (training in dealing with hazardous substances). Hazchem certificates are updated annually, as per law.

All drivers have ample experience in the field of transportation within the regions the companies operate in. The drivers undergo various training routines and other activities in order to keep them prepared to face any eventuality. All vehicles are serviced after each trip to ensure its smooth running. This is done as a preventive maintenance to guarantee that all vehicles are roadworthy.

These specialist capabilities mean that the team is equipped to deal with any eventuality at any time.

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