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Petro Logistics Limited focuses on both Dry & Liquid cargo by using its reliable partners as well as its sister concerns in providing a full-fledged solutions package to its patrons. This includes clearing, storing, warehousing and transporting of a variety of goods. Petro Logistics has a total of 120 vehicles carrying out its operations. However, in order to cater a huge demand, third party vehicles are used in the operations. Currently, the firm engages approximately 10 transporters 450 tankers for liquid cargo and 250 trailers for dry cargo within Tanzania and across East, Central and Southern African countries every month. The logistical operations are spread across East, Central and Southern Africa.

For the purpose of addressing growing demand and in order to move away from third-party leasing, a total 200 trucks will be imported by 2022 split between tankers and flat-bed trailers. Along with this new requisition, the ageing fleet of trucks will be replaced by 2023 by further procuring an additional 200 vehicles by then. A combined total of 500 trucks is expected to be the fleet strength of Petro Logistics by 2026.

Over the past years, Petro Logistics has planned to diversify from just being a transporter, into being a complete logistics solutions provider in the region. Rather than focusing on transportation alone, Petro Logistics believes that providing solutions to other transporters and end users is the secret to succeeding in the market. Hence, Petro Logistics plans to work with other transporters in the region to provide a complete solution package to its clients. This has culminated in the plan to acquire plots in Songea, Tanga and Dodoma for constructing logistical hubs.

These hubs will consist of a fuel station, rest & recreation (R&R) facilities, parking yards and workshop for maintenance of vehicles. This will be a first-of-its-kind project in Tanzania. These projects are currently under construction and the first one is expected to be open for public use in 2022.

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